Nobel laureate demands higher cancer drug royalties than in their contract which was made in 2006.

Source Nikkei Asian Review

The Japanese government is conferring with business leaders and lawyers to establish an international division within the Intellectual Property High Court where cases could be heard in English.

Source Nikkei Asian Review

Chinese companies have surged ahead of their U.S. counterparts on a
Nikkei ranking of the top 50 patent filers for artificial intelligence
over the past three years, expanding their presence in the world’s most
prominent high-tech battleground.

Source Nikkei Asian Review

Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry uploaded an article on its homepage stating that “JPO announces that the Cabinet has approved the Bill for the Act of Partial Revision of the Patent Act. On March 1, 2019, the bill will be submitted to the ongoing 198th ordinary session of the Diet.” According to the article, the Partial Revision of the Patent Act includes “Creation of a new system under which neutral technological experts conduct on-site inspections of suspected infringers” and “Review of the method of calculating compensations for damages”.

Source METI

A Japanese court handed down stiff penalties against three operators of a so-called leech site that facilitated piracy of copyrighted content.

Source Nikkei Asian Review

The copyright term in Japan will be extended from 50 years to 70 years (effective on December 30).

Source The Japan Times

Toray Industries, Inc., who possesses a patent covering an antipruritic agent “Nalfurafine”, sued generic companies, Sawai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Fuso Pharmaceutical Industries, Ltd., for patent infringement to the Tokyo District Court on December 13 to seek an injunction against the production, etc. of their products.

Because the patent relates to second medical use of known compounds and the term of the patent has been extended, one of the issues of this case is the scope of an extended patent right of a second medicinal use invention, on which issue no court decision has been made yet.

Source Nikkei (Japanese)