Judge Makiko Takabe, who is a former prisiding Judge, has been appointed as the Chief Judge of the Intellectual Property High Court on May 5,

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JPO announced that Examination Guideline for Design was partilly revised and JPO will examine the application according to the revised Guideline from May 1, 2018.

This revision seems minor change such that a few examples are added to clarify the criteria (KSI).

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Number of Court Judgments in Revocation Actions against Trial/Appeal Decisions in 2017.

(Ex-parte appeal)
Dismissal of action: 42 Revocation of decision:8
(Inter-partes appeal)
Dismissal of action: 58 Revocation of decision:36

It is challenging to revocate the decision in case of ex-parte appeal (KSI).

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Applications that have been filed with both the JPO and at least one of foreign IP Offices or that have been filed under the PCT are eligible for accelerated examination.

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JPO announced the status of processing oppositions to grant of patent from the introduction of the post grant opposition in April, 2015 to the end of 2017. The revocation rate is 6.5% and the cases in which the claims are corrected is 31.1%.

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[Trademark at issue]
[Key issue] Trademark which acquire the capability to distinguish the particular person’s goods from others’ as a result of use / Three-dimensional shape

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Implementation of the New Operation of Advisory Opinion System to Determine Standard Essentiality and Publication of the ‘Manual of “Hantei” (Advisory Opinion) for Essentiality Check’ (linked to the website of the JPO)

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