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Essential Patent


New Chief Judge

Supreme court Judgement (scope of patent whose duration was extended)

Guideline for contracts (AI)


Chinese Trademark

IP revenue


Amendment of Desigen Act

JPO support university

New antitrust law

Result of Patent Bar Examination

3D trademark of “Pepper”

Nintendo Game Content Guidelines

The copyright term in Japan will be extended

Pirate manga link site given harsh sentence in Japan

New rule for protection of IP

The top companies filing AI-related patents

Japan considers allowing patent litigation in English

Nobel laureate demands higher cancer drug royalties

The Ground Panel has rendered a judgment

JFTC published the result of an actual condition survey

JASRAC submitted three resolutions to the Agency for Cultural Affairs

Toyoda Gosei entered into a cross-licensing agreement with Citizen

The JPO published a report of the current status of AI related applications

Japan FTC orders baby goods maker to stop pricing restrictions

Daikin pledged non-assertion of HFC-32 patents

METI revised the Unfair Competition Prevention Act

JPO produced an English brochure


Guidebook of the IP High Court is now available.

The government made a final plan on March 10 for the revision of the Civil Procedure Code, including full online procedures for civil trials.

The IPHC calls third-party opinions

An English Guidebook of the IP High Court is available from the website.

The IP High Court published an English summary of a recent Grand Panel Case 2022(Ne)10046.

An Updated IP High Court Guidebook is available from the website

Guidebook for Overseas Users on Design System in Japan


Revised Examination Guidelines for Design is available from the JPO’s website.